Summer Sweat Camp

Throughout June and July, over 8 weeks I will hold TWO OUTDOOR WORKOUTS weekly. This summer would you like to still maintain a fit body but enjoy the sunlight that Bellingham only gets 3 months out of the year? If you are nodding your head and raising your hand to the high heavens, then this is the program for you. Sign up NOW to secure your spot for this Summer's hottest workouts. 


Resistance Training

A type of training incorporated into Summer Sweat camp that will keep you burning calories far past your workout. This method of training is highly effective for building lean muscle mass and burning fat. 



Types of athletic training that I add into my summer sweat camp, giving you a foundational platform for performance in any sport. This is also known as cross-training. 


Cardio Endurance

Performing different types of low and high intensity cardio variations to increase heart rate, maintain fat burning, and build endurance.