The Fit Aviatrix

The Dirty Thirty Accelerated Burn Challenge

Age is simply a mentality. Get ready to thrive in your thirty’s.

AVAILABLE NOW! The Challenge officially starts on 10/15/2018. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

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who is this program for?

1.       This challenge is for those who want to torch fat quickly, form a sustainable fitness routine, need efficient workouts, build a firmer back side and strengthen their core.

2.       Included are workouts that are formulated to accelerate fat burn in just thirty minutes.


Give me the Program Deets.

1.  The program lasts for 30 days, with workouts that target the lower body and core and pinpoints the areas that women have the most trouble keeping toned.

2. You will use the My PT Hub app to access all of the AVX workouts and content that you need to conquer this challenge.

3. You will also get a set of Pro Source fitness Bands and Sliders to use during your challenge, shipped directly to you.

4.  Finally, you will receive a “Four Weeks to Nutritional Success” eBook, so you can eat like a champ, after you sweat like a champ.


Does this describe you? There’s an app for that.

1.       If you struggle with cellulite plaguing your legs and thighs, this program will help your cellulite become less apparent and give you fuller, rounder and more lifted booty that you desire.

2.       If you want to put on those shorts you love, and say: ‘DAMN!” then this is the program for you.

3.       Are you self-conscious about your midsection and dream of a stronger core? This program targets both lower body and core, effectively strengthening your abdominals, and with the guidance of your nutritional e-book you will be well on the way to having the core you’ve always wanted.


How about some story time.

From The Fit Aviatrix herself:

“I started my fitness journey with a booty challenge because I was extremely self conscious of my lower body. Through the challenge I realized how important the role diet played on my booty gains. When working my lower body, I loved how much stronger my legs became. My cellulite seemed to gradually go away which helped me become more confident in how I looked in my clothes and how I carried myself. My self confidence sky rocketed!

I am passionate about this challenge as it is to celebrate my 30th birthday on November 15th. I wanted to go back to my roots where I began and help other women find love for their legs, butt and core just like I did four years ago.”


Who IS this for?

1.       This program is for women who want to target their lower body and core muscles in order to boost their self confidence.

2.       In order to get the results you desire, you need to be willing to change the way you eat and follow the nutrition program.

3.       I created this challenge for women that thrive off of community support and uplift each other through accountability.

Who is this NOT for?

1.       This program is not for those that don’t desire change.

2.       It’s exclusively meant for those who are looking to find a sustainable routine and get results for their lower body and core.

I am excited to share this with those who are READY for change and will push themselves past their fears.


Oh, I forgot to mention…



This watch is no joke: waterproof, gps, tracks cardio, resistance training, hiking, biking and has a sick interface! I am a big fan of this bad boy and know it is some SERIOUS MOTIVATION to slay your workouts.