Ready Set Resistance 12 Week Program

Ready Set Resistance 12 Week Program


This program is designed for the airline employee who finds it difficult to incorporate a sustainable fitness lifestyle into their variable work schedule. Through the use of an app-based program, and minimal equipment workouts you will find just how easy it is to build a solid foundation for yourself, while achieving a stronger, fitter physique through resistance training.

*Bands, Sliders and the TRX Suspension Trainer system are NOT included in the purchase of this program, but are needed to take full advantage of all workouts. Click HERE to order the equipment.

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Full Body on the Fly Body Weight | Week 1 - Week 3

The Program includes:

  • Building your foundation and appreciating your bodies ability to move

  • 30 minute workouts that promote caloric burn and efficiency

  • Milehigh Mealprep E-book to help you gain knowledge and skills for batch cooking and become aware of better nutrition

  • Access to Accountability Group AVX21 for community support and education on mindset, staying motivated, nutrition advice, and more.

  • In-app messaging and coaching for 1:1 guidance from ME your Personal Trainer

  • Build a foundation for success along your fitness journey by implementing body weight training as the key to success.

  • No Equipment Rqd. Just You!

Bands | Week 4 - Week 6

  • Building on top of your fitness foundation by utilizing bands and more difficult body weight movements.

  • The Milehigh Mealprep E-book will help you keep slaying your mealprep game with recipes made for those traveling often.

  • Build a stronger foundation with bands along your fitness journey and see the benefits as you progress through a more difficult resistance band each week.

  • Bands help mitigate injury, build, tone and strengthen, help with muscle imbalances and will keep progressing you along your journey.

Sliders | Week 7 - Week 9

  • Building on top of your previous workouts with bodyweight and bands, these next few weeks provide another level of intensity by introducing sliders.

  • Sliders have a unique ability to slide across carpet, tile, and wood so you can be at home, the hotel, or at a gym making this piece of equipment a good on-the-go tool.

  • Sliders are another tool in your arsenal that will challenge your core and imbalances you may have in your body.

  • Light weight, compact, easy to fit in bag.

TRX Suspension Trainer | Week 10- Week 12

  • Master your Movement with the introduction of the last piece of equipment, the TRX suspension trainer. Capping the last 3 weeks of the 12 week program.

  • Build off all of the previous weeks of training with TRX the ultimate next-level program. Testing your core, balance, focus, intensity, endurance, and agility, you’ll find that TRX is one of the best pieces of equipment to use for on-the-go training.

  • The program will build off of all the skills and workouts you have mastered over the last 9 weeks of Ready Set Resistance Series.

  • TRX is versatile in that it can be taken anywhere, hang it off your door, a tree, or a beam. Another reason it’s great for airline employees.