Ready Set Resistance Series

Bodyweight | Bands | Sliders | TRX

  • Is it difficult to maintain a consistent workout regime because of your variable schedule?

  • Are you constantly worried about how hard it is to add in fitness to an already hectic routine?

  • Does it feel like fitness can’t be sustainable because of your jet set life?

Make Fitness Sustainable.

  • I’m here to tell you, as a former airline employee, I know that a variable schedule is tough to carve time out of for exercise. This is why I decided I could best serve airline employees because I understand the demands of the job.

  • I designed Ready Set Resistance for the airline employee who finds it difficult to incorporate a sustainable fitness lifestyle into their variable work schedule. Through the use of an app-based program, and minimal equipment workouts you will find just how easy it is to build a solid foundation for yourself, and make movement a part of your life.

The #1 app made for the Airline Employee


In-app workout feedback!

She says, “ It was great! Easy for a beginner like me. Loved the videos to show how to do it.”

It is an app-based program that allows you to track your progress, your workouts, your measurements, and food intake. You will find that your workouts can be done anywhere & anytime. The Fit Aviatrix designed it exclusively for those who travel often. Not only that, you can communicate with Maddie herself with in-app messaging.

  • Throughout the series I include my 45 page Milehigh Mealprep E-book to help guide you towards a more balanced diet and compliment your Resistance Program to maximize your results. These recipes can be made under 30 minutes and will help you understand how easy it is to balance healthy eating on-the-go. Not to mention the in depth education I provide in the e-book that will be part of your coaching.

  • The program also offers group accountability through the Facebook Group AVX21 where other clients are there to help you with any questions, and where I will be a constant in supporting your journey. We all are on a sustainable fitness journey, so it takes a community to uphold each other through our struggles and our triumphs!

  • Weekly Client Coaching Calls will also be provided to help make sure we are on the right track to making fitness sustainable, aid in mealprep mastery, and give you the support you need along your new journey.



More feedback on Ready Set Resistance 1.0

“Just did a resistance workout! Loved it!”

The 4 Part Series

Week 1—--3


Looking to start a foundation for fitness?

Review 2.jpg

A customer service agent gives feedback on AVX21:

“Being in the group kept me on track even on the days when I normally would have given up.”

The first 3 weeks of this program are for building a solid foundation to build off of. I made this for those looking to build a solid base on-the-go so that they can have a mix of functional training for better movement throughout the day and for strength training for overall strength and physique.

The first phase of the series is to give you a strong foundation to move you towards more complex movements over the next 12 weeks.

Week 4—6



How is Ready Set Resistance?

“Loving the ready set resistance band workouts! Getting a great burn/soreness for 1-3 days!”

The second part of your training will build off of your foundational skills learned in the first 3 weeks. Week 4-6 will help you progress through each resistance band from light, medium and heavy. In these next few weeks there will be more difficult body weight movements so that you can keep building on your foundational skills learned in the foundational phase. This is the second phase of the four part program.


The addition of sliders has come into play, and really amps up the training level and difficulty. It’s another external piece of equipment that will allow your body to keep guessing and make added improvements to your overall physique. Get ready to learn how to balance and move unilaterally with this new piece of equipment. This is the third phase of the program and prepares you for more compound movements and the utilization of the TRX.


Master your Movement in the last 3 weeks of this program. Week 10 -12 will take you to another level with the TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX is one of my favorite tools to take on the go because it is so easy to hang off of the back of a door with the door anchor, off of a tree with the the suspension anchor and really anywhere that has a strong beam.

TRX Suspension Trainer challenges the core at all times, which is why one of it’s slogans is “all core, all the time”. It is a tool that can be utilized for ALL ages, and also is used in rehabilitation, yoga, and stretching protocols. Making it one VERSATILE piece of equipment. Not to worry, this piece also fits into a small bag that takes up very little space and can even fit bands and sliders with it as well. Take the next step in your resistance training, and find how TRX challenges you in all areas of your fitness routine.