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avx flex

Get fit to fly with AVX FLEX

It's 7:00 pm. You just got to the hotel. It's an 11 hour layover. 

You head to the gym. It's got one dumbbell and one broken machine.

Bye bye workout. Hello bedtime. 


What is it?

  • An 8 WEEK INTENSIVE App (available on iOS or Andorid), made up of 36 DIFFERENT workouts, three 15 minute workouts and one 45 minute session each week, with NO GYM REQUIRED

  • It is all about making fitness ACHIEVABLE in a life that is constantly on the go

IS this for you? 

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  • Do you feel like there isn't enough time in the day?

    • This app will make finding time to dedicate to your fitness goals EASY

  • Do you have a variable schedule that makes finding time to exercise tough?

    • Look no further: a workout that can be done in as little as 15 MINUTES

  • Do you want to get past your mental blocks that keep you from reaching your fitness goals?

    • My eBook will break down your mental blocks and help you achieve your goals faster

  • Do you dread going to the gym and want the luxury of doing a workout whenever and wherever?

    • No Problem: my workouts do not require you to have a gym membership.

  • Do you want an app on your phone that keeps you accountable and connected to your personal trainer?

    • I stay connected in real time with my clients by using in-app messaging push-notifications, as well as 1:1 coaching calls.

  • Do you stuggle with making work and exersize connect?

    • This program will allow you to feel more confident, both in and out of your uniform.

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Are you Ready?


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This program IS for: 

  • Those who want to maintain their HEALTH while balancing a highly variable schedule

  • Those who want to form a POSITIVE body image

  • Those who are willing to put time aside for THEMSELVES

  • Those who are tired of making EXCUSES of why it isn't possible

  • Those who need someone to keep them ACCOUNTABLE to their goals

  • Those who are COMMITTED to taking control of their fitness routine

This program is NOT for

  • The LAZY person

  • The person who can't make CHANGES to their current lifestyle

  • Someone who wants to lose weight QUICKLY

  • People who can't make themselves a PRIORITY

  • Someone who can't take COUNSEL or advice on their nutrition

  • Someone who doesn't want to make fitness a LIFESTYLE



The next 8 weeks...

Over the next 8 weeks, you will work through your E-book Achieve Your Goals Faster, and can contact me with any questions through in-app messaging.

Week 1 + 2

  • Be who you are and be free of all your EXCUSES

  • BREAKING Bad: Getting rid of your excuses because they aren't serving you

  • Sacrifice: getting rid of SHIT

  • Embrace CHANGE

Week 3 + 4

  • Moderation is EVERYTHING

  • Diving deep into your food CRAVINGS and why you have them

  • Finding MOTIVATION from within

  • VICTORY in the small things

Week 5 + 6


Week 7 + 8

  • Form a ROUTINE and be more productive

  • Form habits that become REWARDING

  • Meal prep: the key to saving TIME and money

  • Why SLEEP is so important

  • "What you see is seeking you" - Rumi

  • Form affirmations that bring POSITIVE energy into your life

  • Finding PLEASURE in the journey

  • Celebrating your TRIUMPHS

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