Soar with a supplement regimen: Improve your energy with these 5 supplements

Six months ago I was suffering from severe fatigue, allergies that were debilitating, onset rapid heart-rate, extreme dizziness, frequent rashes that lasted a few days at a time, heightened anxiety, lack of motivation and drive and weight gain. All of this was fueled by a nutrition plan that I created for myself. WHAT? I am great at diversifying and substituting in my diet because I have changed how I eat as I have become more educated on a specific subject or feel the current way in which I am eating doesn’t serve me anymore. This is what happened to me. The current way I was eating was actually negatively affecting me in so many ways. I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t first look at my symptoms and then seek out a professional that could assess me through lab work and other tests, so that I could get to the root cause of my symptoms.

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The onset of these problems all came to a culmination six months ago, during my return trip back from the island of Hainan, China. I thought my symptoms might clear up if I was more diligent with my nutrition. Perhaps, I thought, If I was more active, more perfect in every aspect of my life then I could get these symptoms to subside. Well, they didn’t. They kept getting worse and after one long-haul flight to China and then a trip the next week to New York my body just stopped dead in its tracks, and I was sick for two weeks straight. The duration of that sickness felt like an eternity because I rarely get sick and because in the event that I do get sick, it doesn’t last more than a few days. So naturally my intuition alarm went up, and I decided to seek out a naturopath that could guide me to healing my body through natural supplements.

When I received my bloodwork results back, I was actually pretty freakin surprised. I was surprised that I was so deficient and that these were the reasons I was having the symptoms I was having. I will list my supplement regimen, but please remember these supplements are based on my own bloodwork. They should not be a source for you to use when making decisions about how to move forward. But I would like to summarize what supplementation does.

  • Vitamin D: Immune support

  • Ashwagandha: Adrenal Support

  • Calcium D-glucoronate: Bind on to excess hormones and pull them out through the gut.

  • Sacro B Probiotics: Microbiome Support

  • Omega-3’s Algae Oil: support skin irritations/rashes

  • Vitamin C Powder: Immune and Adrenal Support

  • Bitters: Digestive enzyme aid to help breakdown and absorb as well as excrete more efficiently and effectively

  • Methylated B-Complex Liposomal: Highly Absorbable B-vitamins to support the adrenal glands, detox the nervous system, and support energy.

  • Phyto-Power: Strong Antioxidant to reduce inflammation

  • Adrenal Support Complex: Support the adrenals

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I have quite a few deficiencies but these deficiencies have caused adrenal fatigue. I covered this topic in my Monday Moveletter where I showed my subscribers 5 ways to address and ward off adrenal fatigue. One of those suggestions was getting your bloodwork drawn to correctly supplement for your needs. In the Moveletter I state: “A common theme in the airline atmosphere is that the industry is plagued by lack of sleep, constant caffeine drips, and random hours of operation, it's nuts to think that your body will be normal when you place that heavy burden on yourself. There are amazing benefits to traveling the world, but one of the detriments is that your adrenals pay for it.”

If you’d like more ways to get those adrenals firing on all cylinders checkout the Moveletter here.

This is one of the reasons airline employees should be diligent in their supplementation regime. A one-off supplement doesn’t work for everyone. If you are someone who takes a one a day multi-vitamin, I guarantee it’s not serving you fully. Not to mention the fact that these vitamins that try to be an all in one stop shop are low grade quality supplements. I urge you to see a specialist because they can correctly asses YOU. Your supplement journey, just like mine is HIGHLY UNIQUE TO YOU. What I mean by that is I personally, need to supplement vitamin D badly. This is because I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington) where it is impossible for me to get enough vitamin D due to the confines of my environment. This is just one area that your supplementation is unique to you.

With all that being said I wanted to cover five supplements that can help tremendously boost your energy and overall be a huge benefit to you. Take note however: this is not a cure. These are suggestions I have researched and found to work naturally without causing undo side effects. I know that energy is one of the main worries of all airline workers. The shifts that start at three am fuel the fire of fatigue and lack of focus. The late-night RON’s (remain overnight) lull where you just need a little pep to get you through. One way to help with these energy burnout’s is with supplementation.


The first supplement that I find to be of great benefit to your energy and as the kids say “trending” is ADAPTOGENS.


Adaptogens in effect allow your body to regulate it’s adrenal hormones (think adrenalin, estrogen and cortisol). If your adrenals are taxed (also known as adrenal fatigue) you will notice symptoms such as the “wired and tired” effect, named for cortisol’s lull at night that keeps you awake even though you are tired. Adaptogens don’t directly affect your hormones, but they do directly combat stress, and this is why they are so helpful to your hormones. Your hormones are not fans of stress. This is only one symptom of adrenal fatigue. However, adaptogens are helpful in supporting your adrenals allowing them to become more balanced and allowing you to have the sleep you desire if you do happen to be the “wired and tired” type.

Adaptogens come in the form of

  • Ashwagandha: Reduces Stress/Anxiety

  • Cordyceps: Boosts Stamina (there is a company called FourSigmatic that sells hot chocolate and coffee packets with cordyceps mushroom. Super easy to take on the go with you!)

  • Goji Berries (which I use in my recipe that I recently gave away for FREE in my Monday Moveletter, which you should go check out after this!)

  • Licorice Root: Stress Reducer

  • Turmeric: Naturally boosts your brain function and can reduce feelings of depression

  • Rhodiola: Reduces physical and mental fatigue

There are more Adaptogens, but these are a few that are beneficial to flight crew and can be found in Whole Foods Stores as well as online.


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The second supplement I recommend is Methylated B Complex because if you eat plant based, you’re most likely getting a lower dose of B’s. However, my naturopath explained to me that most of society isn’t getting the amount of B vitamins they need because we have such a poor diet (in this country especially) it just does not supplement enough. I felt with that knowledge I can strongly urge you to get your bloodwork checked to see if your B’s are in tip top shape. If not, methylated B’s are a place to start. This form of supplementation is best for B vitamins because you may not be able to properly digest and absorb pill forms of B’s. Methylated B’s allow your body to utilize the vitamins.

As high as 30% of the U.S. cannot properly metabolize Unmethylated Methyl cobalamin and Folate (both B vitamins). The methylated form is produced for those who can’t process B’s in pill form. B vitamins play a huge part on your mood, energy, and motivation. It’s important to get your B’s in check since airline employees are in constant need of a boosted mood, uplifted energy, and bounding motivation.

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The third supplement that helps curb the urge to hit snooze on your alarm for that A.M. showtime is Magnesium coupled with an ample amount of sleep. I saw this meme the other day on a Facebook Group I’m apart of. It shows just how little of sleep all sections of the airline industry get. Inflight Crew being the ones who get the least, and that seems backwards. So, yes magnesium is a supplement that will help you recover but with adequate amounts of sleep. Magnesium can be taken in pill form or through sprays and salves. I suggest sprays, salves or lotions, as well as Epsom salt magnesium soaks that all can be used on your feet. This is where our skin is most porous, and we can uptake magnesium best. Pro-tip: take magnesium separate from calcium (if you take a calcium supplement) because calcium affects the absorption of magnesium. Taking magnesium will help you find deeper sleep, leaving you feel more refreshed from your overnight than you’ve ever been before.

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This fourth supplement is one that will fight off sickness, a constant battle inflight crew face when stuck in a pressurized metal tube. The environment of an airplane is the perfect environment for germs and diseases to fester and latch on to their next victim. Unfortunately for flight crew, that is their workspace. Don’t worry though: Vitamin C should be your best friend, if it isn’t already. Vitamin C taken consistently will be a nice invisible shield that your immune system will fortify itself with. It acts as a natural immune booster, but also staves off histamine build-up and lowers allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing and congestion. A perfect time to be reminded as we head in to cold and flu season. I utilize vitamin C for my allergies, but like I said before, six months ago I was so sick out of my mind it’s what lead me to the doctor and I can gladly say I haven’t been sick since! This really is huge for me. My allergies were so out of hand, I wouldn’t be able go out into public because the symptoms were relentless. The symptoms have DRASTICALLY reduced since supplementing with Vitamin C. Mine comes in powder form, so I just mix with my post workout protein drink. Easy as that.

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Last but not least, the fifth supplement airline employees should onboard onto their supplement regime is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a superpower vitamin and provides a lot of different functions. For airline employees, it could be the one area that is pulling on your energy stores. Vitamin D aids your adrenals and if the D stores are dried up, then your adrenals seem to pay the price, leaving you with fatigue, irritability and general tiredness. Since I live in a state where the sun doesn’t shine nearly as often as I would like it to, I will tell you I was highly vitamin D deficient. I should have known this, but I also didn’t equate my deficiency to my fatigue and anxiety. My anxiety has been noticeably different since changing my supplementation regime. Vitamin D was a big part of that change.


The five Supplements I listed are, again, suggestions and are not meant to replace any medical advice you’ve already been given. There is no one size fits all diet or supplement, and this is why I urge you to have your labs taken so that you can dive deeper into your body’s singular needs.

Adaptogens, Methylated B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C and D can all be game changers in your energy levels, and therefore can combat the ills of your variable schedule. If you’d like to stay informed on aviation health and wellness please subscribe to my blog, and feel free to message me or set up a call to talk further about building a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Stay Fit to Fly,


The Fit Aviatrix


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